How Will You Spend Diabetes Awareness Month?

For many of us, November kicks off the unofficial start to the holiday season. And while this time of reflection and thankfulness is often celebrated with the foods and the people we love, it can also serve as a challenge for those with diabetes.

For the more than 34 million Americans living with diabetes, 2021 has been an especially difficult year. In addition to the continued uncertainty we have all faced, those with diabetes have been disproportionately impacted by the severity of the pandemic. Of those who have died from COVID-19, 40% were living with diabetes.

Pausing for Diabetes Awareness Month

Whether you are living with diabetes yourself or know somebody who is, pausing for Diabetes Awareness Month means taking a moment this November to consider small changes you can make to help others feel less isolated and to help prevent the progression of the disease with healthy choices. 

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