Benefit Summary                      


Pension Basics—A Brief Summary
     Becoming a Participant
     Earning Vesting Service
     Earning Pension Credits
     Earning Bonus Credits
     Past Pension and Bonus Credits
     When You Can Retire
     Types of Pensions
     Benefit Amounts
     Payment Options
     Survivor Benefit Before Your Retirement

Becoming a Participant
     Who Is Eligible
     When You Become a Participant
     Naming Your Beneficiary
     Spouse’s Waiver

How You Earn a Pension
     Vesting Service
     Pension and Bonus Credits
     Pension Credits Earned Before the Pension Plan Started
     Pension and Bonus Credits Earned During Disability
     Pension and Bonus Credits Earned During Military Service

If You Get Married or Divorced

If You Leave Work
     Break in Service
     Break in Service Rules Do Not Apply to Some Situations
     Return to Work After Military Service
     Maternity/Paternity and Family and Medical Leave
     Temporary Disability Due to Injury and Illness

If You Become Disabled
     Disability Pension Eligibility
     Disability Pension Calculation
     Receiving an Early Pension While Waiting for a Disability Pension
     Social Security Disability Benefits

Preparing for Retirement
     Your Social Security Benefit
     Your Personal Savings

Receiving a Pension at Retirement
     Normal Retirement Age
     If You Work Past Your Normal Retirement Age
     Types of Pensions
     Regular Pension
     Early Pension
     Disability Pension
     Deferred Pension
     Normal Retirement Age Pension
     Reciprocal (Partial) Pension

How Benefits Are Paid
     Single Life Pension
     60-Month Post-Retirement Pension
     Husband-and-Wife Pensions
     Level Income Option
     Partial Lump Sum Payment Option
     60-Payment Guarantee
     Small Benefit Payment

Returning to Work After Retirement
     Suspension of Benefits
     Recalculation of Pension Following Second Retirement

In the Event of Death
     If You Die Before Pension Payments Begin
     If You Die After Pension Payments Begin
     If Your Spouse or Beneficiary Dies
     Social Security Death Benefits

Applying for a Pension
     Application Procedures
     When Benefits Begin
     Assignment of Benefits Not Allowed
     Qualified Domestic Relations Order
     If Benefits Are Denied
     Benefit Payment to an Incapacitated Person

Administrative Information
     Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Guarantee
     ERISA Rights

Appendix: Past Benefit Accrual Rates

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