Eligibility Rules - Dependent Eligibility

If you have dependents and you are eligible for benefits under the Plan, then your dependents may be eligible for dependent benefits under the Plan at the same time.   If your child is eligible for benefits as a working Laborer under the Plan, he or she cannot be covered as your dependent under the Plan. 

If you add a dependent while you are eligible for benefits under the Plan, the dependent’s eligibility for benefits begins on the date that he or she becomes your dependent. You should enroll a newborn child in the Plan within 31 days of birth. You must provide the Plan with a certified copy of the newborn’s birth certificate, listing you as a parent, within 90 days of the date of birth to continue your dependent’s coverage under the Plan.

If you do not provide a copy of your newborn’s birth certificate within 90 days of the date of birth, benefit coverage will be suspended. In addition, if the birth certificate is received by the Fund Office more than one year after the child’s birth, eligibility will resume on the date the birth certificate is received, if you, the Member, are eligible for benefits.

If Your Spouse Has Employer-Sponsored Benefits

If your spouse has employer-sponsored medical coverage that he or she does not elect, your spouse may not be eligible for coverage under the Plan or benefits may be limited. No benefits will be payable under the Chicago Laborers’ Welfare Plan if your spouse’s employer-sponsored medical plan does not provide your dependent with the same level of benefits provided to other participants in that plan. To ensure that your spouse receives the maximum level of benefits payable under this Plan, your spouse should elect coverage under any available employer-sponsored medical coverage your spouse is eligible to receive.

Dependent Defined

Your dependents are:

Under the Plan, your child is defined as:

The disabled child must not be a “qualifying child” of any other taxpayer as defined in Internal Revenue Code Section 152(c).

You must give the Fund Trustees written proof of your child's disability.  Please contact the Fund Office three to six months before your child's coverage would otherwise end to request a Proof of Incapacitated Child Form for completion.  You must provide the Fund Office with this completed form and a copy of your child's medical records for review before your child's coverage would otherwise end.  When the  Trustees receive proof of your child's disability, they have the right to have a physician of the Trustees' choice examine the child.  The Trustees may require such an examination as often as they believe is reasonable. The Trustees may request continuing proof of your child's disability and will notify you when this proof is required.

The term child does not include:

Coverage Ends For Your Dependents

Your dependent’s eligibility for benefits under the Plan will end on the same day that your coverage ends. Your dependent’s coverage under the Plan also ends:

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