Eligibility Rules - Participant Eligibility

You first become eligible for benefits under the Plan after you have worked a minimum number of hours in covered employment either within a 6- or a 12-consecutive month period. Your coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following your completion of the required hours.

If you are covered by a collective bargaining agreement that includes an early eligibility provision, you will be provided with an addendum to these rules which may modify these initial eligibility rules.

The chart below outlines the Plan’s requirements for your initial eligibility.


Minimum Covered Employment Hours Required*
Age Group Hours During 6-Consecutive Months Hours During 12-Consecutive Months

Under Age 50



Ages 50 to 54



Ages 55 and over




Continuing Eligibility

You can check your eligibility 24 hours a day by calling 708-947-7260. Be sure to have your Social Security Number handy and follow the instructions given in the telephone prompts (available in English or Spanish).

Once you become eligible under the Plan, you continue to be eligible on a month-to-month basis. Your coverage continues as long as you work 500 hours in covered employment during the preceding 6 months or 800 hours during the preceding 12 months (or the appropriate minimum hours for your age group, see chart above).

The Fund Office sends you statements every other month that list the number of hours reported by your Employer. If you have questions or concerns regarding your hours and eligibility, please contact the Fund Office.

Your coverage ends on the earliest of:

Returning to Employment after Retirement

If you engage in disqualifying employment (as defined by the Rules and Regulations of the Laborers’ Pension Fund) after you retire, your pension benefits will be suspended. In addition, your coverage under the Retiree Medical Plan or Retiree Basic Medical Coverage Plan will end on the day that you begin working in disqualifying employment. You will not be eligible for COBRA Continuation Coverage. You will regain eligibility for coverage under this Active Plan (or another Active Plan) on the first day of the month following the completion of the required number of hours if you return to work in covered employment. When returning to work in covered employment after receiving a pension benefit, you will regain eligibility following the completion of 500 hours in a six-consecutive month period or 800 hours in a 12-consecutive month period. These requirements apply regardless of your age.

If you retire and return to disqualifying employment three times, you will no longer be eligible to obtain Retiree Medical Plan or Retiree Basic Medical Coverage Plan coverage. Your only option to continue medical coverage, when your eligibility under one of these Plans ends, will be to elect COBRA Continuation Coverage under the Active Plan.

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