Annual Statement Required from Pension Recipients

With your February 2021 pension check, you received an Annual Statement that needs to be completed and sent back to the Fund Office by May 15, 2021. Pensioners with direct deposit received a separate mailing containing the Annual Statement form. This form is sent every year to verify you received all of your pension checks from the prior year, to verify your mailing address, to update your file with any new information, and to verify that you are not working in any employment prohibited by the Plan rules. A Summary About the Kinds of Work Not Allowed is also sent every year and is included with this mailing.

Instructions for completing the Annual Statement follow:

If you did not return your Annual Statement form to the Fund Office, you will receive a reminder notice in April and May. This reminder will include another statement for you to complete. We will continue to send you reminders until we receive the completed form. If the Fund Office does not send you a reminder in April and May, then that means that we received your completed Annual Statement for this year.

If the form is not submitted to the Fund Office by May 15, 2021, your June 2021 pension check or direct deposit will be held until the Annual Statement form is received.

Please contact the Fund Office if you have any questions or need help completing the Annual Statement.