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This is the Summary Plan Description for the Chicago Laborers’ Pension Plan (Plan).            

The Plan is governed by the official Plan Documents. If any of the information contained in this booklet is not consistent with the official Plan Documents, then the provisions of the official documents will govern in all cases.

The benefits outlined in this booklet are effective as of June 1, 2009. We urge you to read this booklet carefully so that you will understand the Plan and how your pension may be affected by certain life events, including marriage, divorce, disability, military duty, or leave from work.

Remember that this booklet is just a summary of your benefits. The Summary Plan Description is not meant to change or otherwise interpret the terms of the official documents governing the Plan. Official documents include the Plan Document, Trust Agreement establishing the Plan, and collective bargaining agreements.  If you wish to examine or make copies of these official documents, you may do so by contacting the Pension Department of the Fund Office or your Local Union.

Although the Board of Trustees intends to continue this Plan indefinitely, the Board of Trustees has the right to amend, modify, or terminate the Plan partially or completely, at any time.   If the Plan is amended or changed, you will receive a written notice of the change. You should file any notices you receive about the Plan with this booklet so that you may refer to them in the future.

If you have any questions about your benefits, you may contact the Board of Trustees at:

Chicago Laborers’ Pension Plan
11465 West Cermak Road
Westchester , IL 60154

Phone: 708-562-0200
Fax: 708-562-0790